Jewellery Buying Guides

Buying Pearl Jewellery

At Bill HIcks Jewellery Design we have an extensive range of beautiful pearl jewellery. Whether for wedding day or every day we are sure to have something available to suit your occasion.Alternatively as part of our bespoke service, you can select from our range of loose pearls and strands and let us make something special for you. Read More

Buying Opals

Opals are one of nature's most beautiful gems, coming as they do in a dazzling array of colours and patterns.Australia produces more than 95% of the world's opal supply from four main opal fields. Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Quilpie in Western Queensland, and Coober Pedy and Mintabie in South Australia. Read More

Buying Coloured Gemstones

Throughout history coloured gemstones have held a fascination, sometimes even a legendary power, for people of all cultures. In the earliest days, coloured gems were coveted as charms or amulets, to ward off evil. Later, their rarity and beauty established them as a status symbol, worn by the very powerful and the very rich. Read More

Buying Diamond Jewellery

Throughout history the diamond has been revered for having an irresistible and seductive power all of its own. It's a reputation based on its fire and brilliance, its durability and the fact that it is the rarest, most valuable, and therefore most desirable of all gems. If you are planning to buy a piece of diamond jewellery you are about to enter a world of beauty and romance. Read More

Buying a Ring

Whether you're buying a ring from our collection or you would like Bill Hicks Jewellery Design to create a special bespoke piece for yourself (or someone special), purchasing a ring should be an enjoyable experience. We are committed to making the process from the beginning to the end (and beyond) as special as it should be. Read More