Buying a Ring

Whether you’re buying a ring from our collection or you would like Bill Hicks Jewellery Design to create a special bespoke piece for yourself (or someone special), purchasing a ring should be an enjoyable experience. We are committed to making the process from the beginning to the end (and beyond) as special as it should be.When investing in a Bill Hicks piece, we guarantee superior stones and quality craftsmanship in every piece we create.


Your engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other and a constant sparkling reflection of your love for each other.

Buying an engagement ring should be a joyous experience, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. The key to buying an engagement ring is understanding four main elements in the process.

  • Determining your budget.
  • Your Design
  • Selecting the perfect diamond or gemstone to suit your budget and design
  • The craftsmanship that will ultimately bring all these elements together.


Understanding and determining your budget is the best place to start. Although It isn’t often the most romantic topic, it does help you (and us) understand exactly what might be right for you.

An engagement ring is made up of a few components – the diamond and/or gemstone, the style of ring, setting and the craftsmanship. All elements effect the final price of the ring. Diamonds, however can be the most costly component, however with a large range of quality and prices we are able to find one that will suit both your taste and budget.


We focus on understanding what style is going to best suit your partner. Have a think about her tastes what she likes, her style; is she classic, vintage, edgy,contemporary or a little eclectic?

Be it the classic solitaire, the three stone trilogy or an intricate vintage inspired piece. We guide you through the process to find something that is right for her.

The Diamonds

With a magic that nothing else could equal, the Diamond is the ultimate gift of love. The first step to buying your engagement ring should start with choosing the Diamond that is right for you and your partner.

No two Diamonds and exactly the same, picking the Diamond’s shape and understanding the four C’s – carat, clarity, cut and colour is an important part of the engagement process. It helps you understand the true value in each sparkling gem.

The Craftsmanship

Specialising in the design and hand making of your piece of jewellery, Bill Hicks Jewellery Design is fortunate to have a team of skilled craftsmen (and craftswomen!) who ensure all elements of design come to life in the final piece. At Bill Hicks most pieces are hand made. We use only precious metals and ensure the highest quality craftmanship.All diamonds and gemstones are expertly set by our highly qualified gemsetters who work closely with our jewellers to ensure the security and integrity of your piece of jewellery.

Our hand crafted jewellery offer the benefits of durability, strength and security of setting, adding significant years to the overall life of your piece of jewellery. In each piece we create, the precious metal has been toughened and worked by hand during the manufacturing process.Each piece of hand crafted jewellery is unique. Even if we repeat a design, not every detail will be exactly the same. This means that your piece has its own unique and individual character, just like you.


Use this chart to convert your ring size the Australian equivalent.

UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, China, Japan, India, South America Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands
New Zealand Canada
H 4 7 6.75
I 8 8
J 8.75
5 9 9.25
K 10
10 10.5
L 11.25
6 11 11.75
M 12 12.5
13 13.25
N 13.75
7 14 14.5
O 15
15 15.75
P 16.25
8 16 17
Q 17.5
17 18.25
R 19
9 18 19.5
S 20.25
19 20.75
T 21.5
10 20 22
U 10¼ 21 22.75
10½ 22 23.25
V 10¾ 24
11 23 24.75

If you wish for us to send you our ring sizing gauge then request one here

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