Gold Engagement Rings in Sydney

Say Yes… To The Gold Ring!


The timeless simplicity of a gold engagement ring represents pure and eternal love. Harnessing our years of expertise, we design and handcraft classic gold rings for our clients to celebrate their unique connection and deep commitment.
At Bill Hicks Jewellery Design, we work collaboratively with each client to create a custom piece that suits their unique preferences and vision.


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Customised Gold Engagement Rings

We craft the best gold engagement rings in Sydney, because of the attention to detail and customisation we incorporate into each design. Find a gold ring that perfectly suits your look and personality.

Yellow Gold

Do you love traditional jewellery? We’ve got you covered! Embrace a classic look with a yellow gold engagement ring.

Yellow gold has long been the classic choice for an engagement ring.

Two tone gold engagement rings are also a way to customise your gold ring.

We will personalise your ring design with your preferred natural diamond or lab grown diamond or coloured gemstones.

Rose Gold

Rose gold rings have a romantic, old-world vintage feel. With or without diamonds, rose gold rings evoke a deeply feminine, elegant look.

Perfect for those who love the luxurious look of gold but want something a bit different. Rose gold is subtle and durable, making it perfect for an everyday ring like an engagement ring or wedding ring.

Vintage and Antique Rose gold rings are a favourite of ours.

White Gold

If you love the modern simplicity of a silver looking ring, then a white gold engagement ring is the perfect choice for you.

White gold engagement rings offer a contemporary, yet timeless style, and added elegance when offset with sparkling white diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Traditionally we make 18ct white gold engagement rings but platinum engagement rings are also popular.


Nothing says everlasting love quite like diamonds. Enhance a classic gold engagement ring with sparkling diamonds.

Our designers will guide you on the quality, shape, and colour of diamonds based on your budget. We offer both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds.


We can create exquisite, unique engagement ring designs with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other fine gemstones.

Our expert gem setters set each stone with precise attention to detail, to create timeless, durable designs and ensure the safety of your diamond or gemstone.

Pearls & Opals

Pearls and opals are not suitable for everyday wear but offer a refined and elegant alternative to more traditional diamond or gemstone rings. A pearl gold ring or an opal gold ring are both unique choices for a gold dress ring

We custom make australian opal gold rings and Australian pearl gold rings.

Sydney’s Finest Gold Engagement Rings

There’s just nothing as simple, classic, and timeless as a gold ring. But just because you’re opting for a classic doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with customising your ring. Whilst all gold starts naturally as yellow gold,  metallurgists are able to alloy the gold to create white gold and rose gold and even other coloured gold.  Polishing, finishing and plating technology can also alter the appearance of your gold engagement ring.

Why choose a gold engagement ring?
  • It is durable and suitable for everyday wear
  • The different colours of gold will suit all skin tones and all kinds of stones, including  diamonds, gemstones, opals and pearls.
  • The value of gold appreciates over time
  • Australian gold is available in 9ct gold, 14ct gold and 18ct gold
  • White gold has a similar silvery white appearance to platinum when rhodium plated
  • Gold makes an amazing men’s engagement and wedding ring option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between yellow and white gold?

    As their names suggest, the basic difference between yellow gold and white gold is the colour.

    24ct Yellow gold is the purest form of gold, whereas white gold is made by mixing 75% yellow gold with white metal alloys such as platinum to make the metal harder and durable.

    Yellow gold is more malleable, whereas white gold is stronger. They can vary in value depending on the carat of gold used in the ring.

  • Are yellow gold rings out of style?

    Not at all. Yellow gold is a timeless metal for jewellery and it will never go out of fashion. A simple design and a high-quality stone will complete the timelessly elegant look that can be passed down to future generations. Yellow gold has a rich gold hue and beautiful lustre, making classic look that compliments many skin tones.

  • Which stones can be added to gold rings?

    An endless variety of coloured gemstones and diamonds can be used to enhance the design of your gold engagement ring. Whether you are thinking of a solitaire diamond ring or a unique coloured gemstone ring, we offer sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, emerald and more. We work with you to find the perfect stone for your engagement ring. Consult with our skilled designers and gemmologists to begin the journey of designing your dream ring.

  • I am not in Sydney. Can you provide a phone consultation?

    Absolutely! No matter where you are in the world, we can help you design your dream gold engagement ring. We offer personalised consultations over the phone or by email. You can also request to schedule a zoom call with us to chat face-to-face.