Lab Grown Diamonds: What You Need To Know…

Lab grown diamonds have been growing in popularity ever since Bindi Erwin was given a stunning 2.01ct lab grown diamond engagement ring by partner Chandler Powell in mid 2019. So first things first, what is a lab grown diamond? Simply put, a lab grown diamond is an artificially engineered diamond. Also known as man-made diamonds Read More


How we help you create a beautiful diamond engagement ring.     Bill Hicks Jewellers have long been renowned for being the best jewellers in Sydney to have a diamond engagement ring made.  If you value the best quality craftsmanship, the finest materials, and a trusted name in the jewellery industry with over 50 years Read More

The Rise in Popularity in Coloured Engagement Rings

Floria padparadscha engagement ring

It seems Diamonds are a girl’s best friend no more. Once considered synonymous with engagement rings and romance, diamonds are beginning to lose their sparkle amongst millennials, with the latest trend seeing young couples opt for coloured engagement rings, rather than traditional diamond rings. This clear association between diamonds and love hasn’t always been the Read More

Choosing the best Jeweller in Sydney

Many of us use jewellery to commemorate special moments or milestones in our lives and the lives of those close to us. Occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, including the birth of a child, are all perfect opportunities to give the gift of jewellery.  Celebrating personal milestones or just simply rewarding ourselves with Read More

For Lovers of Rose Gold

Autumn is finally here, in fact it’s nearly winter, and to celebrate the turning of the season we have launched our stunning Vintage Rose collection.   Inspired by the floral motifs of Morrocan architecture, it celebrates the marriage of luxurious Vintage Rose gold, with the peachy pink colours of Morganite, Padparadscha Sapphire, and the Spicy Read More

Birthstone of May: Emerald

The birthstone of May, Emeralds are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love – which makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring. In case you’ve missed out on that: It’s also the perfect ring for your 20th or 35th anniversary! Emerald Gemstones Emeralds are among the rarest gemstones but unfortunately they Read More

What to do if you hate your engagement ring

Let’s touch a topic most jewellers avoid: What if you don’t like the outcome of your custom-made ring? Or even worse: What if your partner doesn’t like it? What if I said yes to a design but don’t like it in the end? For openers: It rarely happens. First and foremost because the whole design Read More

5 Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Cool During Wedding Planning!

1. Reel in the fashionistas! Try to avoid dress shopping on your own you may feel overwhelmed at how many dresses there are and you may forget which ones you tried on where! Call in the fashionistas and make a day or few days of it.  Select your crew carefully and choose the friends that will Read More


Stranger things have happened in the Bill Hicks design studio but if there is one thing Bill is great at its delivering unique, quirky, bespoke one-off designs. Just recently Bill had the pleasure of assisting client John Cutler in creating a bangle for his daughters 18th Birthday. John Cutler is the owner of J.H Cutler Read More

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Skip the usual bunch of flowers and give your mum or the mother of your children a once in a lifetime creative experience. You don’t have to spend much to give her a unique gift: 1. Choose a gemstone 2. Select a design voucher of your choice 3. Give her the opportunity to create something special for herself! We stock Read More