Buying Pearl Jewellery

At Bill Hicks Jewellery Design we have an extensive range of beautiful pearl jewellery. Whether for your wedding day or every day we are sure to have something available to suit your occasion. Alternatively, as part of our bespoke service, you can select from our range of loose pearls and strands and let us make something special for you.
Pearl shapes include round, drop or tear shape, oval, button and the more unusual baroque or keshi. Generally, the more symmetrical the pearl, the more value it will hold. Other properties which influence a pearl’s value are shape, size, colour and lustre. Pearls of asymmetrical shape are termed baroque. 

For centuries pearls have been treasured by civilisations and cultures across the globe. Greek mythology saw pearls as tears of joy shed by the Goddess Aphrodite. Ancient Egyptians associated them with Isis, the goddess of healing and life, whilst an ancient Arab legend tells us that pearls were formed when dewdrops filled with moonlight fell into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters. The French believe they make a woman’s complexion more beautiful.

Australian South Sea Pearls

Australian South Sea Pearls are grown in the pristine waters off the northern and Western Australian coast. South Sea pearls are found in a variety of natural colours including white, silver, gold and rose. They grow to between 9mm and 16mm in size and can occasionally be found up to 20mm in size, though such pearls are very rare.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls are grown in the clear warm waters of the Pacific of French Polynesia. They come in various natural shades ranging from steel grey, green and purple, to blue and black.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearls are grown off the coast of Japan. These cultured pearls are white and highly lustrous and can come with cream and pink overtones. They rarely grow to more than 9mm in size and are most often used in pearl strands for their uniformity in size.

Freshwater pearls are grown in the waters of China. They are readily available in sizes from 2mm (called seed pearls) and are now able to be grown in sizes of up to 12-14mm.

Pearl Jewellery

View our pearl earrings or pearl necklaces. If you need help with your pearl jewellery feel free to contact us and our helpful staff will assist.