Remodeling & Restoring

Not sure if it’s worth remodelling? Our jewellers will be able to assess your jewellery and advise you on any risks, and tell you what is possible. We will assess the metal and advise if we can melt it to make your new piece and also check your heirloom stones to see if they can be reused or recut.
Remodelling existing pieces of jewellery can reduce the cost somewhat if gemstones or metal can be reused, but because a large part of the cost of making a custom made piece of jewellery is the labour, the saving is sometimes not as great as people might expect. The sentimental value however is beyond measure. Irreplaceable.
Many people either inherit or have sentimental pieces of jewellery that sit hidden at home in a box and are never worn. This may be because they don’t fit, or the design is outdated, or perhaps the piece is just not for you!

Many of our customers have stunning vintage jewellery pieces that they are scared to wear as the settings are very old, or it doesn’t fit if it is a ring for example. We offer a free consultation with our diamond and jewellery experts who will clean and closely inspect your ring. We can then give you advice on how to take care of it and also quote you for any repairs that are required. It often costs very little for a resize and to strengthen the claws on a ring and it will mean that you can wear your special piece of jewellery every day without worrying about it.
Restoring old family jewellery to its’ former glory is extremely rewarding. Often intricate and with a beautiful story behind it, your pieces are precious and we take the greatest of care when handling, storing and making any repairs required.
Feel free to contact us and make an appointment to redesign or restore your pieces.Our Remodeling and design consultations are complimentary.