Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Make an ethical proposal

At Bill Hicks Jewellery we are as committed to our ethics as you are to your partner. Why not make a proposal with an ethical lab grown diamond ring? Lab grown diamonds come in all of the same shapes as natural diamonds. Popular choices are oval cut lab grown diamonds and round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Being more affordable than mined diamonds, you can also have a much larger lab grown diamond as the feature to your engagement ring.

Our lab grown diamonds are conflict free and come with a certificate from the GIA and IGI which indicate the characteristics of each stone, so you can rest assured that you are proposing with a real diamond and making an eco-friendly choice.


Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery

Love doesn't have to cost a fortune

We hand make all of our lab grown diamond jewellery in our sydney jewellery workshop and uphold the same high standards and craftsmanship in all of our pieces. Why not surprise your bride with a pair of lab grown diamond earrings on your wedding day. They also make a great birthday gift. Being so affordable you may wish to create a set of lab grown diamond jewellery for your loved one. The addition of a lab grown diamond pendant will really complete the look on her special day. For milestone occasions, our lab grown diamond bracelets make the perfect gift. Being at least 50% cheaper than mined diamonds, at Bill Hicks Jewellery in Sydney, we have a range of lab grown diamond jewellery for all occasions and can custom make any special piece.


Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Diamonds for all occasions

At Bill Hicks Jewellery we love being a part of your personal milestones and helping you create any jewellery your heart desires. With the increasing costs of Sydney weddings, you may want to consider a lab grown diamond wedding ring for her. We also work with many wonderful clients to create their lab grown diamond rings. Whether it’s a new dress ring or you want to remodel a ring, we will design the perfect lab grown diamond ring especially for you. If you’re thinking of a coloured gemstone ring, why not enhance the ring with bright white lab grown diamonds to make a truly spectacular Coloured Gemstone and Lab grown diamond ring. Did you know that Lab grown diamonds are also available in colour? Pink lab grown diamonds, yellow lab grown diamonds, and even blue lab grown diamonds – there is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to selecting stones for your lab grown diamond ring. Talk to one of our designers in our Sydney boutique today to help create an amazing lab grown diamond ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are lab grown diamonds fake or real diamonds?
    Lab grown diamonds are indeed real diamonds. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics of a natural diamond. It is impossible to distinguish the difference unless in a laboratory under magnification and specific testing to measure the level of impurities found only in natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are in fact purer as they are 100% carbon. No one can tell with the naked eye if your diamond is from the ground or a laboratory. It's your secret and no one’s business.
  • Are lab grown diamonds certified?
    At Bill Hicks Jewellery, all our large lab grown diamonds are certified by the GAA (Gemological Institute of America) or the IGI (International Gemological Institute). This gives you peace of mind that you have a real diamond. Whilst there are uncertified diamonds on the market, even for natural, mined stones, we prefer to offer a quality diamond with worldwide recognised certification. This also makes them easy for you to insure. Think of it as your diamond's birth certificate.
  • Do lab grown diamonds last as well as natural diamonds ?
    Yes they do, lab grown diamonds perform exactly the same as a mined diamond. They score a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them the hardest of all gems and therefore the perfect choice for your engagement ring or family heirloom.
  • How much will I save on a lab grown diamond ring?
    Lab grown diamonds offer incredible value for money. They are up to 75% cheaper than a mined diamond, making them an affordable choice for a lab grown engagement ring. Maybe she wants a bigger diamond, or better colour and clarity. Proposing with a lab diamond means you don't have to sacrifice near as much as you would for a comparable mined diamond. In fact you get more. This is mainly due to no mining expenses and a much shorter supply chain. Although the cutting and finishing processes are the same, the end result is an ethical proposal that is lighter on your pocket when she says “I do”.

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