Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamond petal ring

Buying your very own heritage gem.

By Melinda King.  April 2021.

Argyle Pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds on earth, and with production of the mine now closing as of 2021 they will become heritage gems. With the reserves being bought up by switched on investors, the prices have already started climbing.  

At Bill Hicks Jewellery we have incorporated this iconic Australian gemstone into our collection from the time the mine opened, and we continue to hold stock pieces featuring Argyle Pink Diamonds and loose single Argyle Pink Diamonds to buy as centre stones and for use in our bespoke jewellery.  We can also source some of the elusive Argyle tender stones for anyone interested in investing in a truly unique piece of Australian heritage.

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Vintage Rose Collection featuring Argyle Pink Diamonds

Our Vintage Rose Collection incorporates the Argyle Pink Diamond into our signature piece the Moroccan Rose ring and our Argyle Pink Starburst ring.  Combining luxurious rose gold and pink diamond details with a vintage Moroccan flavour both these stunning rings are available to order or customise in our Sydney Boutique.

We also offer our clients making custom jewellery pieces the opportunity to embellish their creations with smaller Argyle Pink Diamond details, for a meaningful touch of Australian heritage to their future heirlooms.  

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Intricate Details

Many of our engagement ring clients specifically ask how a small pink diamond can be added to the design for a stunning yet elegant “for her eyes only” detail.  Below are some examples of  our creations utilising the Argyle pink diamonds in embellished details under settings, and as side stones to a main white diamond.

         Pink Diamond Blog 5 

Argyle Diamond Tender Stones 

For the true collector, or investor the Argyle Tender stones are the rarest and most valuable stones that are released from the Argyle mine each year.  The 50 to 60 most extraordinary rare pink, red and violet diamonds that are offered as part of the Tender represent less than 0.01 percent of the diamonds ever unearthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

“The finest and rarest diamonds are reserved for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, which is widely referred to as the most exclusive diamond sale in the world. The event highlights a small number of important diamonds from the Argyle mine that stand apart from their peers in terms of vibrancy and intensity of colour.” 

These Tender stones can be bought as an allowable asset as part of long term investments for self managed superannuation*,  so if the idea of a high return, stable long term investment appeals to you then call our boutique today and a selection of these rarest of pink diamonds can be arranged for viewing.  (*there are rules surrounding compliance of valuation and storage – please seek advice from your financial advisor)

Argyle Pink Diamonds

To enquire about viewing some Argyle Pink Diamonds, or to make a complimentary design appointment please click here.

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