The 101 of buying Bridal Jewellery

Some things to keep in mind before you do some serious bridal jewellery shopping…

Get your dress first

You can’t choose jewellery without the dress it should compliment. Pretty easy rule, right? But: Did you think about having a little clutch or any form of bag on your big day to keep your phone in? Yes? You might want to get that before you buy jewellery too…


Don’t get carried away by trends

Because we all know: They will pass. Have you ever seen some wedding pictures of the 80s? You don’t want that (unless it’s a theme wedding). Better try to find something that represents your personal style but is still timeless.

Sterling Silver And South Sea Pearl Necklace
Sterling Silver and South Sea Pearl Necklace – $220

How much skin are you showing?

Consider the neckline of your dress. A lower neckline leaves space for jewellery so you don’t look bare. But be careful: You don’t want your bridal jewellery competing with your dress – the right jewellery should accentuate your dress. You can’t go wrong when matching your jewellery with details of the dress. Does your dress have crystal beading or lace with pearls on it? Take a close look at your gown!

Don’t spend too much but don’t back down on quality either

If you don’t plan on wearing your bridal jewellery after this particular day, stick to sterling silver and let your husband-to-be buy the white gold diamond studs you’ve always wanted. The only way to identify sterling silver is to look for a 925 stamp – otherwise it can be any “silver looking” material or just silver mixed with alloys which can easily result in an allergic reaction! The best you can get is rhodium plated silver jewellery. Rhodium is a very pure material that is also used to finish up white gold jewellery. Your pieces will be extra shiny and the rhodium layer reduces the allergic risk to a minimum. Rhodium plated jewellery is usually a little more expensive but definitely worth the extra dollars.


Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Cubic Zirconia Pendant
Sterling Silver pear shaped Cubic Zirconia Pendant – $135

Avoid glue

Although costume bridal jewellery never comes with real diamonds, you don’t want to lose your crystals on your wedding day either. Always check the piece for loose stones and ensure yourself that they all sit in an actual setting and are not just glued in. Glue will dry out and your stones will fall out eventually.

Sterling Silver Marquis Cubic Zirconia Earrings
Sterling Silver Delicate Marquis Cubic Zirconia Earrings – $90

Haven’t found the right piece yet?
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