Love is Love..

Custom made wedding rings to celebrate your commitment.

By Melinda King.  March 2021.

Love Is Love

At Bill Hicks Jewellery we know how special it is to find the perfect partner, and it is only fitting that your wedding or commitment rings are as unique and special as your individual personalities.  We believe your wedding ring is a symbol of your enduring love and commitment, and therefore it should be made of the most durable precious alloys, and the finest diamonds and gemstones.  Custom making our wedding rings to the highest quality of craftsmanship will ensure the necessary durability for a lifetime of wear. 

Finding the perfect fit for your wedding ring.

Our designers know how a ring should fit and feel so that it is comfortable to wear everyday, yet tight enough to stay on in cooler weather.  We also provide a complimentary resize if you end up feeling it is too loose or too tight after wearing it for a few weeks.  It is also important to consider your lifestyle and whether you will be heavy handed or if you are quite active and therefore need some extra durability.

Love Is Love

For those who wear an engagement ring, custom designing your wedding ring for the perfect fit is necessary to ensure that the wedding ring and engagement rings fit perfectly together without abrading each other by overly rubbing on claws or settings.   

Love Is Love

Choosing a ring design.

Use your intuition, try on a few of our sample styles to see what sort of look and feel will work for you and our designers will draw up your ring to scale so you can imagine exactly what it will look like before going ahead.

When matching the design to an existing engagement ring it should stylistically fit together, so some of the same design elements should appear in both so visually they look like they were made for each other. 

  Love Is Love

This is always something we consider and can have a big impact on the final design.  By bearing this in mind from the beginning of the design process with the engagement ring we ensure the overall look feel and fit of your rings is perfect and the end result elegant and timeless.

Which metal should I choose for my wedding ring?

If you wear an existing engagement ring, you should ideally choose the same metal or at least the same purity eg 18ct as the engagement ring.  This way they will match in colour, and durability so one won’t be harder and therefore wear the other away over time.  

If you do prefer a contrasting colour then ensure it sits together in a way that the settings don’t rub, and that the purity is the same, as this will minimise any wearing down. 

Love Is Love

If you are just wearing the one ring, then choose a metal that compliments your skin tone.  Pink toned skin looks great with white metals, and often less brassy golds.  Tan or olive skin can wear most colours of metal, so whatever matches the most with your existing jewellery or favourite watch will work.  Some people with rosy skin may find rose gold ‘disappears’ on them.  Overall it is a personal choice, so trying things on to see how they look is the way to go.  

Two toned or three toned wedding rings are also very popular if you can’t settle on a favourite.  This will then give you the option of wearing any toned metal in the future should you change your mind. 

Love Is Love

At Bill Hicks Jewellery all our designers are experienced jewellers and will guide you through the design process making it a fun and informative experience.  And with our team of expert craftspeople you can be assured the end result will be truly exquisite.

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