From Old Jewellery to Stunningly New – A Customer Remake

Stack Of Gold Coloured Gem Rings

We were pleased to see the look on one of our customers faces this morning when she came to pick up her new re-modelled ring.

She originally bought into us three old rings she did not wear. The customer wanted to use all the stones to re-create a large ring that made a statement and a design that was more up to date. We unset the stones and used them to design and re-make a ring to suit her. The end result not only made her extremely happy but also the piece itself has more of a value to her.

This is just one of many jewellery re-makes we do each week. Why have an old piece or pieces of jewellery lying around in your draw at home, why not use them to re create something up to date you can wear, after all jewellery is meant to be worn not hidden away.

‘What a transformation, it looks absolutely fantastic, thankyou so much Bill’

Take a look at our bespoke jewellery collection, some of these pieces were remakes using customers own stones, it may give you a few ideas. Visit collection here