The Design:

Our award winning Designer, Bill Hicks and his team work together to step you through a journey of endless possibilities.  We will sketch your unique design from the ground up, and work with you on the ideas you have so you can see them come to life.  We believe any creation is possible in the world of Bill Hicks Jewellery Design.

What to expect:

Our complimentary design consultation and diamond introduction is all about helping you understand a little more in depth into the world of diamonds, gemstones and Jewellery. Some of us understand it more than others so this is where we will help educate you to ensure you have complete transparency in what you are purchasing.

The stones:

Diamonds or gemstones, whatever it is that you desire we will ensure that you have all the education tools when it comes to making the right decision.
From the four C’s in the diamonds (colour, clarity, cut, carat) to the luster and hardness of a gemstone. We promise to teach you all that is needed to know and show you some stones so that you can be confident that you are making the right decision.

The setting and metals:

The setting in the ring and the metal that you choose is crucial to ensure you are maximising the brilliance of your chosen stone.  Therefore we will show you some different settings and metals so that you can be confident in your final choice.

The budget:

Not everyone’s budget is the same and we understand that. That’s why we believe that assisting you to customise your unique design to suit your budget is the best way that we can help you achieve maximum quality for the piece you desire.

Not after a ring?

No ring? No problem! – As we mentioned above, we believe any creation is possible in the world of Bill Hicks Jewellery Design, so we openly welcome all of your ideas and designs!