Choosing the best Jeweller in Sydney

Many of us use jewellery to commemorate special moments or milestones in our lives and the lives of those close to us. Occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, including the birth of a child, are all perfect opportunities to give the gift of jewellery.  Celebrating personal milestones or just simply rewarding ourselves with a special piece of jewellery, no matter the occasion, finding the best jeweller in Sydney to create your jewellery is essential. Searching Google for Sydney jewellers or Best Jeweller Sydney will help narrow your search.  Once you have your shortlist it’s a good idea to check out what everyone else is saying about them on Google Reviews.  Focusing on individual experiences with design consultations, quality of craftsmanship and customer service, you will be able to build a profile of the best jeweller in Sydney. Bill Hicks has a 5 star rating from 135 reviews, view them here.

At Bill Hicks we are a renowned Sydney Jeweller that is dedicated to creating a personal experience for each of our clients.  We work with you and your budget to design and create your special piece of jewellery.


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Ready to wear or Custom Designed Jewellery

You may find exactly the design you are after in a ready to wear jewellery collection or perhaps you prefer to enjoy the process of working with your designer or jeweller to create your one-off bespoke piece.  

At Bill Hicks Sydney jewellery boutique, we provide our customers complimentary consultations throughout the design process.

Whether you are a Sydney local or from out of town, working with your Sydney jeweller should be an easy and enjoyable experience. At Bill Hicks Jewellery in even if you don’t step foot in our Sydney jewellery showroom we will make your experience of having your piece custom designed as seamless as possible.  With regular contact over the phone, updates via email with designs and face to face skype calls we will guide you through the process.

If time is of an issue just remember that the best jeweller in Sydney will probably have a perfectly suitable piece of jewellery to purchase on the spot if the bespoke process, which usually takes a few weeks, is too long for you.

Craftsmanship and Design Bill Hicks Australian Contemporary Jewellery Designers

Quality of The Precious Stones

It is important to consider the selection and quality of gemstones and diamonds offered at your Sydney jeweller.  At Bill Hicks Jewellery, we recommend purchasing a diamond accompanied by a GIA certificate. The diamond will have its unique certification number engraved on the girdle of the diamond, ensuring its authenticity. The certificate will specify the gradings of the diamond in relation to its cut, colour, carat and clarity characteristics.   A certificate is less common for a coloured gemstone but your Sydney jeweller will be able to have the coloured stone you chose independently graded for you.  The quality of either the diamond or gemstone will dictate its price so it is important to work with your jeweller on budget. In today’s world, it is important to many of us to ask questions surrounding conflict free diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones and use of metals.  The best jeweller in Sydney will not only provide high quality precious stones but will also be happy to discuss and answer any concerns you may have.

Does the Jeweller Offer A Warranty or After-Sales Service?

The best jeweller in Sydney will provide the best service during the buying and design process and also the best after sales service.

At Bill Hicks Jewellery Design our customers come first.  It is important to us that our customers leave our showroom loving the jewellery we have made them and are beyond happy with the service we have provided.

Will your jeweller offer maintenance and cleaning services free, or at a charge? Bill Hicks Jewellery Design, we offer complimentary cleaning and maintenance services. And are dedicated to looking after you and your jewellery for years to come.

Bill Hicks Jewellery in Sydney CBD

Award-winning jewellery designer, Bill Hicks makes the list of the 10 best jewellers in Sydney.  His team of designers, jewellers and qualified gemmologists offer the benefits of over a century of combined jewellery experience.

Whatever the occasion, jewellery is a sentimental gift.  At the top of his craft, Bill Hicks offers unique handmade jewellery and works closely with you throughout the bespoke custom design service.

We are dedicated to meeting your jewellery requirements, through personalised service, exceptional quality of design and construction, and providing value for money. Begin your journey with a complimentary consultation in our Sydney showroom today.