5 Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Cool During Wedding Planning!

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1. Reel in the fashionistas!

Try to avoid dress shopping on your own you may feel overwhelmed at how many dresses there are and you may forget which ones you tried on where! Call in the fashionistas and make a day or few days of it.  Select your crew carefully and choose the friends that will truly give you an honest opinion, who knows your style the best and will be the kind of support that you need. Make no rash decisions, you want to love this dress in however many months time on your wedding day!


2. Track, Track, Track.

Track your budget, track your guest invites and track your shopping list. Tick it off when it’s done, cross it out when it’s purchased and be realistic with your budget.

A great way to keep track of everything is by using a wedding planner diary. This way you will feel more clear headed in where you are at and more likely to be sticking to everything you initially planned for.

If you are looking for a wedding planner, we highly recommend ‘The Little White Book’ you can find here:

Little White Book Wedding Planner


3.  Leave a little room to play

When it comes to your budget, always leave a little room to give and take. You may find certain costs spring up unexpectedly or when you do go dress shopping, your dream dress may end up costing a tad over the original budget

By leaving a little room to play you will be sure to have the wedding you always dreamt of without the stress of compromising.

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4. Don’t be afraid to delegate

If you are a bride who has managed to plan a wedding on her own, then you are basically wonder woman. Wedding planning is certainly no small or easy task so don’t be afraid to call in those trusted besties you can always rely on. By delegating certain jobs to the nearest and dearest family or friends, you will have much less on your plate to worry about leaving you free to enjoy the big day when it arrives.

5. Don’t look back, ever.

There are so many decisions to be made, what colour will the bridesmaids dresses be? What type of flowers will we be having? Who will make the cut for the guest list?

Once you have done your first round of procrastinating, going back and forth on your ideas and decision, finally settle on that choice. Do yourself a favour and don’t look back and start second guessing yourself. Once it’s done, leave it and move onto the next task at hand and before you know it, you will be kicking your feet up wondering why you ever thought this was going to be hard in the first place.

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